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Caissa Chess 2.1.1 Oct 06, 2008 (Bugfix release + new email features)

  • Caissa update invalid preferences crash fixed
  • tap-tap crash bug fixed
  • history table desync fixed
  • email checked positions bug fixed
  • fixed German & French Registration problems
  • Added AddressBook integration for email games
  • Preview image of the game to be sent is attached to email
  • PGN export via email
  • Optimizations for iPhone OS 2.1

Caissa Chess 2.1 Sept 09, 2008 (Feature release) YOU MUST DELETE 2.0.1 BEFORE INSTALLING 2.1

  • custom board view allows to setup or modify quickly any board position
  • play by email with real opponents
  • chess puzzles and composition analysis using online DB or can be composed and shared via email.
  • Updated history panel and long PGN notation
  • Tap-tap entry mode added as alternative to "drag and drop"
  • Remembers castling history after game was saved or reloaded
  • Tap and hold inconsistency fixed
  • Fixed opening algorithm for chess engine (should add about ~30 ELO to the strength of the engine)
  • fixed FEN calculation logic
  • Improved start-up time
  • many performance optimizations and memory leak fixed.

Caissa Chess 2.0.1 July 20, 2008 (bugfix release)

  • shows last move reminder configurable from preferences
  • moved thinking indicator from the board
  • displays messages in status bar properly
  • Tap and hold threshold is set to .9 sec from 0.5 sec. Should prevent accidental quick load of a game
  • displays save's preview images properly
  • current color move indicator displays turns properly
  • many performance optimizations and memory leak fixed.

Caissa Chess 2.0 July 11, 2008

  • new chess engine "Antelope" written in Obj-C
  • over 2500 chess openings
  • New set of graphics (19 new boards, 12 piece sets)
  • Sound notifications
  • 14 levels of difficulty

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  • Unlimited undos
  • Hints and force moves functionality.
  • Load/Save/QuikSave/AutoSave games along with all settings and previews.
  • Extensive use of CoreAnimations
  • Incoming call/sms safe. Caissa will deactivate itself and bring back to the same state it was interrupted with.
  • Energy efficient. if you happened to leave the application on. It won't drain your battery.
  • Improved start-up time and lessened memory footprint
  • and much more

High Resolution demo video 6mb
YouTube HD demo
Caissa Storefront page in iTunes

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