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Caissa Chess 2.0.1 July 20, 2008 (bugfix release)

  • shows last move reminder configurable from preferences
  • moved thinking indicator from the board
  • displays messages in status bar properly
  • Tap and hold threshold is set to .9 sec from 0.5 sec. Should prevent accidental quick load of a game
  • displays save's preview images properly
  • current color move indicator displays turns properly
  • many performance optimizations and memory leak fixed.

Caissa Chess 2.0 July 11, 2008

  • new chess engine "Antelope" written in Obj-C
  • over 2500 chess openings
  • New set of graphics (19 new boards, 12 piece sets)
  • Sound notifications
  • 14 levels of difficulty
  • Unlimited undos
  • Hints and force moves functionality.
  • Load/Save/QuikSave/AutoSave games along with all settings and previews.
  • Extensive use of CoreAnimations
  • Incoming call/sms safe. Caissa will deactivate itself and bring back to the same state it was interrupted with.
  • Energy efficient. if you happened to leave the application on. It won't drain your battery.
  • Improved start-up time and lessened memory footprint
  • and much more

High Resolution demo video 6mb
YouTube HD demo
Caissa Storefront page in iTunes

Caissa Chess 0.90-beta March xx, 2008

  • Yes, you read it right. Beta

Caissa Chess 0.89-alpha February 26, 2008

  • Board flipper
  • Core animation for moves
  • new button menu
  • new letter markings
  • In Human vs. Human mode caissa undoes one move, when against Comp it reverts yours and opponent moves
  • Half a dozen bugs fixed in Human vs. Human mode
  • Memory leak associated with animations fixed

Caissa Chess 0.88-alpha February 19, 2008

  • new icon
  • new middle-ware layer, dropped experimental support for Xboard protocol
  • bug fix for crash when undoing intensively
  • game status view
  • Human vs. Human mode
  • Black vs. Computer
  • On undo, when pawn is being promoted, ExtraPieceView will hide now
  • Memory leak when promoting pawn to queen fixed.

Caissa Chess 0.87-alpha February 10, 2008

  • Multiple saves/Fast saves
  • updated chess engine, implemented few new xboard commands
  • Xboard protocol support with certified chess engines
  • Wider range of difficulty settings (kids and grandmasters will be ecstatic)
  • 1.1.3 support
  • bug fix #102. Thanks Nestor
  • bug fix #104. Thanks Grandma
  • bunch of memory leaks were addressed

Caissa 0.86-alpha January 22, 2008

  • Board/pieces preview in the preference window #79
  • Chessboard coordinate letters added #100
  • bug fixes #101

Caissa 0.85-alpha January 15,2008

  • 1.0.2 compatibility #74
  • Sound toggle #73
  • Hint button #75
  • UI calls engine Asynchronously (pieces won't stick to the board, while engine thinks)
  • Thinking indicator #39
  • Undo for castings works #68,#69
  • can undo after checkmate #63
  • crash bug #67
  • Other bugs fixed #70, #71, #72

Special thanks to:

  • Armadillo for his incredible talent, graphics, and imagery.
  • Loki for investigating original noexec issue
  • _BigBoss_ for testing this build on 1.0.2
  • HotStuff2 for being superb QA for Caissa project
  • and everyone who contributed, but not mentioned above

This is for you Grandmasters. The game play feels sleek at higher difficulty levels. For those who think Caissa can really defend herself well. I can beat her at -4 9 out of 10 times and at -3 i can make it to the draw every other time. Month ago, I felt inadequate too :)


Exchange like crazy. She gets less wise with less pieces on the board.

Caissa 0.84b-alpha January 8,2008

  • skin and add-on support fixed for pieces
  • crash bug #66 addressed (thanks HotStuff2 for catching this)

This one is for Armadillo and Eurisko. Your turn gents :)

Caissa 0.84-alpha January 6,2008

  • Save on exit mode
  • fixed preference discrepancy for first time users
  • 8 bugs were addressed(2 crash bugs, 2 desync and other 4 were nonsense of a different kind)
  • Minor engine tuning.

There were many internal changes, that shouldn't affect your gameplay experience and will not have any visual effect for now, but it is foundation for many new things. They will fix some exotic bugs, like you can castle with rook that was moved and put back if you save/restore between move and castling.

IMPORTANT: This release will wipe out your saved game and preferences, due the the refactoring of the preference system. Not much to loose, but I warned you :)

Caissa 0.83b-alpha January 1,2008

  • proper handling of draws
  • the app doesn't hang anymore when one side wins
  • if game is finished, the app blocks chessboard view, until button "new" pressed

Caissa 0.83a-alpha December 31,2007

  • addressed 1 memory leak and 2 crash bugs (you can safely drag chess pieces off the board. If you still can let me know :)

Caissa 0.83-alpha December 31,2007

  • undo functionality
  • "pawn to queen" completely rewritten from ground up, eliminated number stability problems associated with this logic
  • removed dead reference to Advanced Shape for pieces
  • skin and add-on support
  • off-board piece view

Caissa 0.82a-alpha December 25,2007

  • repackaged to comply with ste's requirements and the common packaging practice

If you have 0.82 or earlier. Please uninstall the app via and install again. It is very important. Uninstall & Install as the opposite of just Update.
Update You should uninstall source if you installed Caissa from Ste resource. That will fix loop update problem. Thanks _BigBoss_ for the tip.

Caissa 0.82-alpha December 24,2007

  • implemented pawn to queen transformation. Now caissa implements every chess rule there is.
  • improved graphics. Every piece is PNG-24 now. No more white pixels.
  • various performance and stability fixes
  • improved defaults handling. Difficulty slider defaults to -4.
  • controls for broken/unimplemented features are invisible for now
  • Paypal donate button :)

video review is here
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Caissa alpha releases

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