: 00000000b 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ID0 ID1 ID2 ID3 ;

00000000b --- bit.0=Data Length Code bit.0 
	bit.1=Data Length Code bit.1
	bit.2=Data Length Code bit.2
	bit.3=Data Length Code bit.3
	bit.4=extended ID or Standard
	bit.5=RTR message or Normal

00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 --- DATA bytes

ID0 ID1 ID2 ID3 --- CAN ID
to send a CAN message: 

    3Ah,3Dh,(X),  ID0,ID1,ID2,ID3,   byte0,byte1,byte2,byte3,byte4,byte5,byte6,byte7       (number of bytes depends on (X) value)

(X) is bitmapped value: 
    i.e.   00011000b
    bit3 bit2 bit1 bit0 defines number of DATA bytes to send on CAN BUS 1000b will send 8 bytes, 
    (when CANex module receives (X) with last 4 bits equal 1000b, 
    it will expect 4 bytes for ID + 8 bytes for DATA bytes to send)
    bit4 is CAN EXTENSION bit normaly =1 for NMEA
    bit5 is RTR mark, normaly =0
    bit6 and bit7 MUST BE 0 !!!!!!!!

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